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Here is a list of all the topics available from the Beginner's Guide to Aerodynamics site. Clicking on the title will deliver a page with a slide and a scientific explanation of the contents. Click on the word "Animated" for the animated version of selected pages. If the number and variety of pages seems too intimidating, consider taking one of our Guided Tours through the web site.

* Animation files can be large (average 350K bytes)
** Java Applet

Conservation of Mass
Conservation of Momentum...Text Only
Conservation of Energy...Text Only
Newton's Laws of Motion
Newton's First Law
Newton's First Law - Aircraft Application
Newton's First Law - Falling Objects
Newton's Second Law - F=ma
Newton's Third Law - Action & Reaction
Weight Equation
Center of Gravity - cg
Center of Pressure - cp
Torques (Moments)
Bernoulli's Equation
Bernoulli and Newton

Sound Waves ..Interactive**
Doppler Effect
Similarity Parameters
Boundary Layer
Mach Number ..Interactive**
Speed of Sound ..Interactive**
Isentropic Flow Equations...Text Only
Isentropic Flow ..Interactive**
Oblique Shock Equations...Text Only
Normal Shock Equations...Text Only
Shock Waves ..Interactive**
Mass Flow Rate
Compressible Mass Flow Rate...Text Only
Definition of Streamlines ... FoilSim II Applet
Conformal Mapping ... FoilSim II Applet

Animated Gas Lab...Animated
Gas Properties Definitions
Equation of State (Ideal Gas)
Boyle's Law...Animated
Charles and Gay-Lussac's Law...Animated
Specific Volume
Kinetic Theory of Gases

Atmospheric Model ..Interactive**
Air Properties Definitions...Text Only
Air Pressure
Air Temperature
Air Density
Earth Model - English Units...Text Only
Earth Model - Metric Units...Text Only
Mars Model - English Units...Text Only
Mars Model - Metric Units
...Text Only
Relative Velocity - Ground Reference .. Interactive**
Relative Velocity - Aircraft Reference
Cross Winds
Updrafts and Downdrafts

Airplane Parts Definitions
Jet Engines
Wing Geometry Definitions
Wing Area
Spoilers ..Interactive**
Flaps and Slats ..Interactive**
Stabilator ..Interactive**

Interactive Range Simulator ...RangeGames**
Basic Object Motion
Object Motion Due to a Side Force
Aircraft Rotations
Banking Turns
Forces in a Climb...Text Only
Aircraft Translations
Airplane Cruise - Balanced Forces
Simplified Aircraft Motion
Aircraft Motion - Newton's Second Law... RangeGames Applet
Range - Constant Velocity... RangeGames Applet
Maximum Flight Time... RangeGames Applet
Range Summary... RangeGames Applet

Four Forces on an Airplane
What is Weight?
What is Lift?
What is Drag?
What is Thrust?
Lift to Drag Ratio
Thrust to Weight Ratio
Excess Thrust (Thrust - Drag)
Trimmed Aircraft
Aerodynamic Forces
Aerodynamic Center
Momentum Effects ... FoilSim II Applet**
Density Effects ..Interactive**
Velocity Effects ..Interactive**

Beginner's Guide to Propulsion
Interactive Engine Simulator ...EngineSim**

Determining Aircraft Weight
Aircraft Center of Gravity - cg

Interactive Lift Simulator - FoilSim II **
Objects with Lift ..Interactive**
Lift from Flow Turning ..Interactive**
Shed Vorticity
Incorrect Theory of Lift - #1 - Equal Transit ..Interactive**
Incorrect Theory of Lift - #2 - Skipping Stone ..Interactive**
Incorrect Theory of Lift - #3 - Half Venturi ..Interactive**
Factors That Affect Lift ... FoilSim II Applet
Shape Effects on Lift ..Interactive**
Size Effects on Lift ..Interactive**
Inclination Effects on Lift ..Interactive**
Downwash Effects on Lift
Lift Equation ... FoilSim II Applet
Lift Coefficient

Factors That Affect Drag
Shape Effects on Drag
Size Effects on Drag
Inclination Effects on Drag
Induced Drag Coefficient
Drag Equation
Drag Coefficient

Free Fall without Air Resistance
Motion of Free Falling Object...Text Only
Falling Object with Air Resistance
Terminal Velocity

Three Forces on a Glider
Glide Angle
Vector Balance of Forces - Glider
Glider Trajectory Problem

Beginner's Guide to Model Rockets
Interactive Model Rocket Simulator - RocketModeler **

Beginner's Guide to Kites
Interactive Kite Simulator - KiteModeler **

Interactive Baseball Simulator - CurveBall **
Curveball Aerodynamics ... CurveBall Applet
Approximate Lift on Spinning Ball ..Interactive**
Curveball Trajectory ... CurveBall Applet

Lift of Rotating Cylinder ..Interactive**
Pitot Tube - Speedometer
Wind Tunnel Aerodynamics
Let's be Specific

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