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Here is a list of all the topics available from the Beginner's Guide to Model Rockets site. Clicking on the title will deliver a page with a slide and a scientific explanation of the contents. Click on the word "Animated" for the animated version of selected pages or the word "Interactive" for a Java simulation. Some pages are also available as "Text Only". If the number and variety of pages seems too intimidating, consider taking one of our Guided Tours through the web site.

* Animation files can be large (average 350K bytes)
** Java Applet

Interactive Model Rocket Simulator - RocketModeler **
Introduction and Teacher's Guide
History of Rockets
Rocket Principles
Practical Rocketry
Rocket Classroom Activities
Parts of a Model Rocket
Typical Flight of a Model Rocket
Forces on a Model Rocket

Forces During Liftoff
Acceleration During Liftoff

Forces During Powered Flight
Acceleration During Powered Flight

Forces During Coasting Flight
Acceleration During Coasting Flight
Maximum Altitude Measurement

Forces During Recovery
Velocity During Recovery

Animated Gas Lab...Animated
Gas Properties Definitions
Air Properties Definitions
Equation of State (Ideal Gas)
Boyle's Law...Animated
Charles and Gay-Lussac's Law...Animated
Specific Volume
Kinetic Theory of Gases

What is Aerodynamics?
Similarity Parameters
Sound Waves ..Interactive**
Speed of Sound
Doppler Effect
Mach Number
Isentropic Flow Equations
Isentropic Flow ..Interactive**
Oblique Shock Equations
Normal Shock Equations
Shock Waves ..Interactive**
Mass Flow Rate
Compressible Mass Flow Rate
Bernoulli's Equation

Newton's Laws of Motion
Newton's First Law - Model Rocket Application
Newton's First Law - Falling Objects
Newton's Second Law - F=ma
Newton's Third Law - Action & Re-action

Model Solid Rocket Engine
Rocket Engine Performance...Animated
Rocket Thrust Equation

Determining Rocket Weight
Weight Equation
Center of Gravity

Aerodynamic Forces
Center of Pressure
Weather Cocking
Stability of a Model Rocket
Density Effects ..Interactive**
Velocity Effects ..Interactive**

Interactive Lift Simulator - FoilSim II **
Lift Equation ... FoilSim II Applet
Lift Coefficient

Factors That Affect Drag
Shape Effects on Drag
Size Effects on Drag
Inclination Effects on Drag
Drag Equation
Drag Coefficient

Free Fall without Air Resistance
Motion of Free Falling Object
Falling Object with Air Resistance
Terminal Velocity

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