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What's New - NPARC Alliance CFD Verification and Validation Web Site

Last Updated: Wednesday, 10-Feb-2021 10:14:19 EST

September 26, 2003. A validation case involving the Buice 2D Diffuser was added.

July 3, 2002. A validation case involving the mixing of hydrogen and air streams in a channel was added.

May 3, 2002. A validation study #4 was added for the RAE 2822 Transonic Airfoil case. This study updates the results of WIND to version 5.0.

April 18, 2002. A validation case involving hydrogen-air combustion in a straight channel was added.

December 18, 2001. A tutorial on CFD Verification and Validation is now available.

January 7, 2000. A verification study involving the ONERA M6 Wing at Mach 0.3 in inviscid flow has been added.

January 5, 2000. The ONERA M6 wing validation case has been re-baselined to WIND 3.0beta.

December 7, 1999. A verification case involving the Mach 1.3 flow through a normal shock has been added.

December 7, 1999. A verification case involving the Mach 2.35 flow over a 10 degree cone has been added.

December 1, 1999. Improved the verification and validation procedures to be in line with guidelines published by AIAA and available in the literature, notably, the book by P.J. Roache.

September 10, 1999. Added a new case. It is the MADIC 3D Boattail Nozzle and demonstrates the application to a complex nozzle flow submerged in subsonic flow.

September 7, 1999. Updated the RAE 2822 Transonic Airfoil example test case to WIND 2.0.

September 7, 1999. Corrected names and email addresses to John H. Glenn Research Center on web pages.

July 14, 1999. Updated the laminar flat plate case to version 2.0 of WIND.

June 24, 1999. Added a link to the web site of the Supersonic, Unsteady NPARC Validation Experiment (SUNVE), which is being conducted at the NASA John H. Glenn Research Center.

December 14, 1998. General clean-up of Web site.

December 11, 1998. Sidebar menus have been added to improve the navigation through the web site. Pages for the example, check, and model cases have been added.

December 9, 1998. The RAE 2822 transonic airfoil case has been improved by adding more documentation.

December 9, 1998. The ONERA M6 wing case has been updated to include comparisons with experimenal data for pressure coefficients.

October 7, 1998. The "chemistry example" case has been re-named / replaced by the hypersonic ramp case.

October 5, 1998. The supersonic axisymmetric jet flow case was added to the archive.

March 25, 1998. The validation sections of the NPARC Alliance Policies and Plans document was incorporated into the NPARC Validation web page.

February 27, 1998. The WIND validation web site was updated and moved to

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