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Channel Combustion

This figure is described in the text below
Figure 1. Flow domain and sample H20 mass-fraction contours for the combustion in a channel.


This case examines finite-rate, hydrogen-oxygen chemical reaction occuring within a constant-area, two-dimensional channel. The length of the channel is 5.0 inches and the height is 1.0 inches. The channel schematic, from Mani et al., is presented in Figure 1.

Computational Studies

Table 5. Computational studies peformed for the channel combustion case.
Study Category Person Comments
Study #1 Unit Teryn DalBello 7 Species Model
Study #2 Unit Teryn DalBello 5 Species Model
Study #3 Unit/Validation Manan Vyas Wind-US version 4.107

NOTE: Wind is structured-only version of the code. The last release of Wind code was version 5 and is NOT supported/updated and superseded by Wind-US. Wind-US supports both, structured and unstructured meshes. While some files, options, and keywords in studies performed with Wind code might still be valid, please exercise caution and refer to the regularly updated Wind-US documentation for current options and keywords.


Mani, M., Bush, R.H., Vogel, P.G., "Implicit Equilibrium and Finite-Rate Chemistry Models For High Speed Flow Applications," AIAA Paper 91-3299-CP, Jan. 1991.

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