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MADIC 3D Boattail Nozzle

Figure 1 is described in the surrounding text
Figure 1. Streamlines for the MADIC 3D boattail nozzle.

Flow Description

The problem consists of a three dimensional nozzle body immersed in a M = 0.6 free stream flow at zero angle of incidence. The free stream total pressure is 14.7 psia and the total temperature is 540 deg R. The overall configuration is shown in Figure 1. The nozzle plenum pressure ratio (NPR = Pt,noz/Pinf) is 4.0 and the plenum total temperature is 500 deg R. The free stream Reynolds number is 481000/inch. The data of interest for this case are profiles of pitot pressure ratio (ratio of pitot pressure to free stream total pressure) in the nozzle exhaust plume. The particulars of the test setup and execution from which the data of this study is drawn is found in NASA-TM-88990.

Table 1. Freestream conditions. 
Mach Pressure (psia) Temperature (R) Angle-of-Attack (deg) Angle-of-Sideslip (deg)
0.8 14.7 540.0 0.0 0.0


The geometry is the NASA boattail/nozzle configuration which is thoroughly documented in NASA TM 88990.

Computational Domain and Boundary Conditions

The domain includes internal and external flow about the nozzle.

Comparison Data

Experimental data is obtained from the reference below.

Computational Studies

Table 2. Computational studies peformed for the MADIC 3D boattail nozzle case.
Study Category Person Comments
Study #1 Example M. McClure Turbulent viscous flow computation.
Study #2 Example M. McClure Unstructurd Grid Example.


Putnam, L.E., Mercer, C.E., "Pitot-Pressure Measurement in Flow Fields Behind a Rectangular Nozzle With Exhaust Jet for Free-Stream Mach Numbers of 0.00, 0.60, and 1.20," NASA TM 88990, November 1986.

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