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RAE2822 Transonic Airfoil

Figure 1 is described in the surrounding text
Figure 1. RAE 2822 transonic airfoil (From Ref. 1).

Flow Description

This validation case examines the transonic flow over the RAE 2822 airfoil as reported from reference 1. This case correponds to test case 6. Table 1 indicates the freestream flow conditions of that case.

Table 1. Freestream conditions.
Mach Reynolds Number Angle-of-Attack (deg)
0.725 6.5 million 2.92


The geometry consists of the RAE 2822 airfoil. The coordinates of the lower and upper surfaces of the airfoil, as reproduced from Table 6.1 of (Cook et al., 1979), can be found in the file geom.txt. The coordinates are normalized according to the chord. The Fortran 90 program geom.f90 is a simple program which creates data files (yl.pts,yu.pts) for the ICEM CFD grid generator.

Computational Domain and Boundary Conditions

The computational domain for this case is bounded by a no-slip airfoil surface and a farfield boundary placed a significant distance from the airfoil.

Comparison Data

This case corresponds to Case 6 from Ref. 1. Comparison data consists of pressure coefficients and boundary layers profiles obtained from experiments conducted at RAE and reported in 1979 in Ref. 1.

Computational Studies

Table 2. Computational studies peformed for the RAE 2822 transonic airfoil.
Study Category Person Comments
Study #1 Example J.W. Slater Demonstrates computation of airfoil flows
Study #2 Verification J.W. Slater Mach 0.3 inviscid flow at 0 angle-of-attack for zero drag
Study #3 Example J.W. Slater Demonstrates application of overset grids
Study #4 Validation J.W. Slater Compares WIND 5.0 to experimental data
Study #5 Validation C. Nelson Explores turbulence model variations


1. Cook, P.H., M.A. McDonald, M.C.P. Firmin, "Aerofoil RAE 2822 - Pressure Distributions, and Boundary Layer and Wake Measurements," Experimental Data Base for Computer Program Assessment, AGARD Report AR 138, 1979.

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