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RAE 2822 Transonic Airfoil: Study #3


This study demonstrates the application of overset grids for the RAE 2822 airfoil.

Download tar File

Most of the files for this study are available in the Unix compressed tar file raetaf03.tar.Z. The files can then be extracted by the unix command:

uncompress -c raetaf03.tar.Z | tar xvof -

The files raetaf.cgd and raetaf.cfl are not included in the tar file in order to limit the size of the tar file. They can be downloaded separately.

The file demo.txt provides some preliminary instructions. This case is still under development.


1. Cook, P.H., M.A. McDonald, M.C.P. Firmin, "Aerofoil RAE 2822 - Pressure Distributions, and Boundary Layer and Wake Measurements," Experimental Data Base for Computer Program Assessment, AGARD Report AR 138, 1979.

Contact Information

This study was created on August 14, 2001 by,

John W. Slater
NASA John H. Glenn Research Center, MS 86-7
21000 Brookpark Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44135
Phone: (216) 433-8513

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