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cfreset_iter is used to reset the iteration count in a common flow (.cfl) file to zero. This may be useful when you are using an existing solution to initialize a new simulation, and would like to start the iteration count at zero. Simply type "cfreset_iter" and you'll be prompted for the .cfl file name, which should include the .cfl extension.

More exactly, cfreset_iter sets the following data in the .cfl file to zero:

cfreset_iter does not reset the convergence data associated with global Newton iteration.

Note that the original .cfl file is actually modified by cfreset_iter, not copied. If the file containing the original iteration count and residual data will be needed in the future, you'll need to manually copy it to a different file name before using cfreset_iter.

Note also that at the start of a Wind-US calculation with structured grids, the boundary condition at viscous walls is gradually changed from slip to no-slip over a specified number of iterations (the default is 50). If you're restarting a structured grid case with viscous walls after using cfreset_iter, you probably don't want this behaviour. The WALL SLIP keyword should be used in the input data (.dat) file to specify that a no-slip boundary condition is to be applied from the first iteration, as follows:


A terminal session illustrating the use of cfreset_iter is shown below, for a common flow file named case3.cfl. Lines in a slanted font are typed by the user.

   % cfreset_iter
                                ***** cfreset_iter *****
             Select the desired version from the following list.
   0) END
   1) cfreset_iter optimized version
   Single program automatically selected.
    cfreset_iter - Version 1.8 (last changed 2007/02/13 23:54:58)
    * Warning: This software contains technical data whose export is           *
    * restricted by the Arms Export Control Act (Title 22, U.S.C., Sec 2751,   *
    * et seq.) or Executive Order 12470. Violation of these export-control     *
    * laws is subject to severe criminal penalties. Dissemination of this      *
    * software is controlled under DoD Directive 5230.25 and AFI 61-204.       *
     Enter name of the common flow file.
     Working on ZONE   1
     Working on ZONE   2
     Working on ZONE   3
     All fixed!!!!!!!!!

Last updated 9 Jan 2008