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In Wind-US 3.0, the format and variable names for some of the data in common files changed. The flow solver will automaticall update grid (.cgd) and solution (.cfl) files to the new format. However, it is sometimes necessary to revert back to the old format in order to use utilities and other third party software compiled with the old library files. Incompatible software usually reports a common file error while trying to read the new file format.

The adf_revert utility may be used to convert common files to the old format. Simply type "adf_revert" and you will be prompted for the name of the existing file to convert. Enter the full name, including the extension. The filename may also be provided on the command line. Note that the converted file will overwrite the original, so if you need to retain the original file, copy it to a different name first.

Last updated 26 Aug 2015