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cflistnum may be used to list the zone sizes in a common grid (.cgd) or flow (.cfl) file. For structured grids, the list includes the number of grid points in each direction for each zone, the total number of grid points in each zone, and the total number of grid points in the entire grid. For unstructured grids, the list includes the number of nodes, faces, and cells in each zone, and in the entire grid. For .cgd files, the grid units are also listed.

The syntax is simply

   cflistnum filename
where filename is the name of the file, including the .cgd or .cfl extension The user will be prompted for the file name if it isn't specified.

As an example, for a three-zone structured grid .cgd file named my_file_struct.cgd, with grid units in inches and zone sizes 101×76×51, 101×76×67, and 51×26×21:

   % cflistnum my_file_struct.cgd

   Size report for my_file_struct.cgd

   Grid units are: in

   ZONE   1:                  is (     101,      76,      51), NUMPOINTS=   391476
   ZONE   2:                  is (     101,      76,      67), NUMPOINTS=   514292
   ZONE   3:                  is (      51,      26,      21), NUMPOINTS=    27846

   Totals:  Npnts=   933614  Nface=        0  Ncell=        0

For a three-zone unstructured grid .cgd file named my_file_unstruct.cgd, with grid units in feet and 57,552 nodes, 385,172 faces, and 171,144 cells in zone 1, 61,017 nodes, 385,341 faces, and 168,333 cells in zone 2, and 61,941 nodes, 385,078 faces, and 167,398 cells in zone 3:

   % cflistnum my_file_unstruct.cgd

   Size report for my_file_unstruct.cgd

   Grid units are: ft

   ZONE   1:                  is (   57552,  385172,  171144)
   ZONE   2:                  is (   61017,  385341,  168333)
   ZONE   3:                  is (   61941,  385078,  167398)

   Totals:  Npnts=   180510  Nface=  1155581  Ncell=   506875

Last updated 8 May 2009