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NPARC Alliance Verification and Validation Archive

Last Updated: Wednesday, 10-Feb-2021 10:13:37 EST

The archive consists of cases. Each case represents a geometric configuration and flow condition (i.e. ONERA M6 wing, MADIC 3D nozzle). A case can be classified as either a verification or validation case depending on whether the comparison data for the case is exact (analytical) or experimental, respectively. Each case contains one or more studies. Each study consists of one or more runs of the Wind-US code (or another CFD code). Throughout some of the cases and studies are detailed examples that provide a step-by-step description or tutorial on using WIND-US and associated tools.

Downloading Files from the Archive

The cases of the archive include:

Mach       Grid       Gas       Description
0.00   SG   IG   Sod's Shock Tube
0.05   SG   IG   Incompressible Driven Cavity
0.10   SG   IG   Blasius Incompressible Laminar Flat Plate
0.13   SG   IG   Driver-Seegmiller Incompressible Backward-Facing Step
0.15   SG   IG   Fraser Subsonic Conical Diffuser
0.20   SG   IG   Incompressible, Buice Axisymmetric Diffuser
0.20   OG   IG   NLR Airfoil with Flap
0.20   SG,UG   IG   Incompressible, Turbulent Flat Plate
0.20   SG   IG   Laminar Flow over a Circular Cylinder
0.20   SG   IG   Ejector Nozzle
0.21   SG   IG   Low-Subsonic S-Duct
0.30   SG   IG   Steady, Inviscid Flow in a Converging-Diverging Verfication (CDV) Nozzle
0.30   SG   IG   Subsonic Annular Duct
0.40   SG   IG   Square Jet Injection
0.46   SG,UG   IG   Sajben Transonic Converging-Diverging Diffuser
0.73   SG   IG   RAE 2822 Transonic Airfoil
0.80   SG   IG   MADIC 2D Axisymmetric CD Boattail Nozzle
0.80   SG   IG   MADIC 3D CD Boattail Nozzle
0.84   SG   IG   Transonic, ONERA M6 Wing
0.97   SG,UG   IG   Acoustic Reference Nozzle with Mach 0.97, Unheated Jet Flow
1.30   SG   IG   Normal shock at Mach 1.3
1.82   SG, UG   CH   Hydrogen-Air Combustion in a Channel
2.00   SG, UG   IG   Mach 2.0 Flow over a 15-Degree Wedge
2.00   SG, UG   IG   Seiner Nozzle with Mach 2.0, Heated Jet Flow
2.22   SG   IG   Supersonic Axisymmetric "submerged" Jet Flow
2.35   SG   IG   Conical shock on a 10 degree cone at Mach 2.35
2.44   SG   CH   Burrows and Kurkov Supersonic Mixing/Combustion
2.50   SG, UG   IG   Oblique shock on a 15 degree wedge at Mach 2.5
2.50   SG, UG   IG   Prandtl-Meyer 15 Degree Expansion Corner at Mach 2.5
4.50   SG,UG   IG   Mach 4.5 Flow over a Flat Plate
5.00   UG   IG   Mach 5.0 Shock Boundary Layer Interaction
7.00   SG   IG   Mach 7, Laminar 15-degree Ramp
15.00   SG   IG   Hypersonic Cylinder



SG = structured grid
OG = overset grid
UG = unstructured grid
IG = ideal gas
CH = chemistry

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