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Running Wind-US

Listed below is the input data (.dat) file demo.dat used for this case.

   Demo of airfoil/flap Chimera grid
   Mach 0.6
   First run

   / Inlet conditions
   Freestream static 0.6 14.7 520. 0. 0.

   / Boundary conditions
   Downstream pressure 14.7 zone 1

   / Viscous terms
   Turbulence sst

   / Numerics
   Cycles 500


Two runs were made for a total of 1000 cycles (5000 iterations) On an SGI Octane R10000 system, in serial mode, each run required just over 3200 seconds of CPU time. Genplot files for the maximum and L2 residuals were generated using resplt, as described under "Monitor Convergence" in the "Tutorial" section of the Wind-US User's Guide.

The residuals are shown below.

Plot showing maximum residual vs iteration count     Plot showing L2 norm of the residual vs iteration count

Last updated 9 Feb 2000