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Downloading Files

The various files for the GMAN demo case may be downloaded from the WIND documentation WWW site. The easiest way to download a file is to click on the file name while holding down the shift key, assuming your browser supports this capability. A dialogue box will appear for you to specify the directory and file name. Alternatively, clicking on the file name without holding down the shift key will display the file contents in your window. (Note that binary files will appear as gobbledy-gook.) The file may then be downloaded using the "Save As ..." menu choice of your browser.

The binary files are in Boeing's Common File Format, and should be portable to any other platform supporting Common Files.

demo.grid (ASCII, 832K)
The grid file containing the original overlapping C grids, as described in the Introduction. This is a 3D (although with kmax = 1), multi-zone, formatted, single-precision PLOT3D xyz file without an IBLANK array.
demo.cgd.orig (Binary, 471K)
The original common grid (.cgd) file created from demo.grid using cfcnvt, as described in the section Creating the .cgd File. To use this file as input to GMAN for this demo case, it should be renamed as demo.cgd.
demo.cgd (Binary, 590K)
The common grid (.cgd) file output by GMAN after cutting the hole and setting the boundary conditions, as described in the section Using GMAN.
demo.jou (ASCII, 3K)
The journal file output by GMAN for the session described in the section Using GMAN, with comments added describing the various tasks being done.
demo.dat (ASCII, 1K)
The input data (.dat) file described in the section Running the WIND Code.
demo.lis (ASCII, 1.72M)
The list output (.lis) file created by WIND containing the convergence data described in the section Running the WIND Code.
demo.cfl (Binary, 692K)
The common flow (.cfl) file created by WIND containing the computed flow solution after the second run, described in the Results section.

Last updated 16 Mar 1999