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Macro Menu

The Macros menu provides access to scripts which automate certain grid generation tasks. Selection of the "Macros" menu item produces the drop down menu shown below.

MADCAP Macros drop down menu

There are currently three selections under the Macros menu. They are:

Help on these submenus is available below.

Create Outer Boundary

Selecting the "Create Outer Boundary ..." menu item causes the following window to be displayed.

Create Outer Boundary window

This macro is used to automatically define a box-shaped outer boundary for external flow cases. The dimensions of the box are entered in the field, and the location of the symmetry plane and upstream boundary surfaces is specified. The name of the newly created object can be entered at the top of the window.

Development Macros

Selecting the "Development Macros" menu item opens the following submenu.

Development Macros submenu

The Development Macros menu provides access to a number of MADCAP scripts. These scripts or macros combine a number of MADCAP operations to create utilities that can greatly simplify the grid generation process. It is expected that the number of macros will continue to increase as new users assemble more macros. As these functions mature, they may be moved from the development macro menu into the regular MADCAP menus.

The development macros are currently under development, and may lack robustness in some cases or may only be applied under limited circumstances. They should be used with care. Even with these restrictions, they can be a powerful tool for the MADCAP user.

The available development macros are listed below.

Draw CGD Boundaries

Selecting the "Draw CGD Boundaries ..." item displays the following window.

Draw CGD Boundaries window

This macro will display all the surfaces in all of the zones of a .cgd file by boundary condition. With this macro, all of the surfaces of a given boundary condition type (say viscous walls) in the entire .cgd file can be displayed in one easy operation. This is particularly useful for files with a large number of zones. This operation will work for structured, unstructured, or hybrid (mixed structured/unstructured) zone .cgd files.

Personal Macros

The "Personal Macros" menu allow the user to develop GUI interfaces to their own MADCAP macro scripts. The location of the users personal macros is specified through the environment variable MADCAP_PERS_MACROS. If this environment variable is set, MADCAP will search this directory path to look for any personal macros and display them in the menu list. For more information on creating your own MADCAP scripts, see the MADCAP reference guide.

Last updated 12 June 2007