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NASA Learning Technologies Project


LTP Office web page imageLearning Technologies Project (

The NASA Learning Technologies Project (LTP) is NASA’s educational technology incubator. LTP funds activities and collaborates with endeavors that incorporate NASA content with revolutionary technologies or innovative use of entrenched technologies to enhance education in the areas of math and science.

NASA content refers to information that highlights NASA’s personnel, facilities, and missions from one of the five Enterprises.

Aerospace Technology
Biological and Physical Research
Earth Science
Space Flight, Human Exploration and Development of Space (HEDS)
Space Science and Astrobiology

The Learning Technologies Project couples the entrepreneurial talents of the education professionals, commercial industry, academia, non-profit enterprises, educational foundations, and NASA enterprises to develop educational technology that enables, empowers, and educates learners of diverse backgrounds, characteristics, and abilities.

LTP Vision

Support the widest possible dissemination of educational technology that engages and immerses the learner in compelling scientific and mathematical concepts utilizing NASA data.

LTP Mission

Efficiently develop world-class educational products, that;

  • Are poised for the widest possible market diffusion, that inspire and educate,
  • Use innovative methods or emerging technologies
  • Address educational standards utilizing NASA data

These products account for diverse learning environments whenever applicable and wherever possible.

LTP Goals

  • To cultivate and develop innovative technology solutions that enhance the educational experience with no additional burden to teachers.
  • To research and develop an engaging educational experience that uses immersive technologies and NASA data to increase science and math literacy.
  • To capitalize on NASA Enterprise’s R&D resources to showcase their technologies in a manner that stimulates further educational and scientific applications of those technologies.
  • To nurture educational partnership agreements and facilitate further entrepreneurial enterprise and commercial opportunities for the educational community.
  • To contribute to a richly evolving and highly sustainable release of NASA educational products that are replicable and scaleable within the educational community.
  • To promote exposure of NASA-developed technology, and research and development activities into the learning environment.


Any comments, concerns, or questions should be addressed to:    

Developer: David Mazza    
Responsible NASA Official: Jo Ann Charleston    


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