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Screen shot of the SimulatorInstalls needed to run the Simulator

The simulator uses JAVA and JAVA 3D technologies. Therefore, it is currently available for PCs only. It may be necessary to install the runtime engine using the link below in order to run the simulator. Simply select the link and follow the instructions on the screen during the install.

FAQ: How do you know if you must install the runtime engine?

Try the simulator link below. If the applet does not run, you must install the runtime engines for JAVA and JAVA 3D.

Windows Computers:

STEP 1: INSTALL (Click this link and follow the instructions.)

j2re-1_4_1_03-windows-i586.exe - JAVA Runtime engine.


STEP 2: INSTALL (After installing the JAVA Runtime Engine, select this link to install JAVA 3D.)

java3d-1_3_1-windows-i586-opengl-sdk.exe - JAVA 3D Windows opengl SDK.

You're all set. Enjoy!

Any comments, concerns, or questions should be addressed to:    

Developer: David Mazza    
Responsible NASA Official: Jo Ann Charleston    

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