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NASA Glenn Learning Technologies Project


The NASA Glenn Learning Technologies Project (LTP)

Seeking revolutionary technologies for educational applications, and sharing aerospace technology through web-based resources, computer simulations, and videoconferences.

The Glenn LTP people behind the Virtual Aeronautics Exploration:

Kathy Zona - Former Project Manager.

Theresa Scott - Acting Project Manager.

Tom Benson - Aeronautical Engineer. Assisted with programming of Water Bottle Simulation, including thrust and drag equations. Edited entire site for scientific accuracy and technical content.

Joe Kolecki - Physicist. Contributed to Educator Section and the Timeline of Rocketry, as well as reviewing and editing the product.

Ruth Petersen - Educational Coordinator/Technical Specialist. Developed inquiry-based questions, Educator Section material, and student pre- and post-assessments. Ruth provided links to additional, appropriate NASA materials and edited the site.

David Mazza - Technology Coordinator/Web developer. Developed all Flash animations and the user interface. He led the team through the development process, working directly with Jerry and Eric.

Jerry DeCarlo - Physics Teacher at St. Ignatious High School in Cleveland, Ohio. Jerry developed the lessons in the application and their corresponding supplementary educational materials.

Eric Bishop - Student at Ohio State University. During a summer internship, Eric created the Java and Java 3D code that run the simulator.

Chris Marks and Brian Mears - Pre-service teachers at the University of Akron, Akron, Ohio. Chris and Brian created the hands-on activity, called Bottle Rockets and Propulsion, in which students make and launch bottle rockets.

Shari-Beth Nadell - Engineer, NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio. Shari created the hands-on activity called Newton's Third Law and Aircraft Propulsion, which is suggested as a beginning exercise.

Any comments, concerns, or questions should be addressed to:    

Developer: David Mazza    
Responsible NASA Official: Jo Ann Charleston    



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