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To contribute a lesson plan to the Virtual Aeronautics Exploration site, please complete the form shown below. The lesson will be submitted to NASA via email for review and posting to the site. A live Internet connection is necessary to submit.

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National Education Standards (5 - 8): Select those that apply.


Design and conduct a scientific investigation.
Use appropriate tools and techniques to gather, analyze, and interpret data.
Develop descriptions, explanations, predictions, and models using evidence.
Think critically and logically to make the relationships between evidence and explanations.
Demonstrate an understanding of properties and changes of properties in matter.
Demonstrate an understanding of motions and forces.
Demonstrate an understanding of transfer of energy.
Implement a proposed design.

Mathematics Extend an understanding of the concepts of perimeter, area, volume, angle measure, capacity, and weight and mass.
Technology Use content-specific tools, software, and simulations (e.g., Web tools) to support learning and research.

National Education Standards (9 - 12): Select those that apply.


Design and conduct scientific investigations.
Use technology and mathematics to improve investigations and communications.
Formulate and revise scientific explanations and models using logic and evidence.
Demonstrate an understanding of the structure and properties of matter.
Demonstrate an understanding of motions and forces.
Demonstrate an understanding of the interactions of energy and matter.
Implement a proposed solution.

Select and apply technology tools for research, information analysis, problem-solving, and decision-making in content learning.
Overview/Purpose of Lesson:
Key Lesson Concepts
Learning Outcomes
Assessment Procedures
Website URLs (NASA & others)
Brief Description URL Type (information ect.)

Primary Teaching Method(s)
Materials and Equipment
Teacher Activities
Student Activities
Additional Notes
Image or Graphic Suggestions
Competitions or Challenges



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