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The Virtual Tour of the Icing Research Tunnel series consists of two videoconferences:

Aircraft Safety and Icing Research
presented by Dr. Judy Foss Van Zante

In an effort to improve aircraft safety by reducing the number of in-flight icing events, the NASA Glenn Icing Branch conducts flight tests using their icing research aircraft. This workshop debriefs the audience on the results from one such program, the NASA/FAA Tailplane Icing Program Debriefing. The presenter engages the audience in discussions of basic aircraft flight mechanics and the function of the horizontal tailplane, as well as the effect of ice on airfoil (wing or tail) surfaces. A brief video of actual flight footage is shown. The video illustrates the flow at the tailplane with and without an ice shape and provides a view of the pilot's actions/reactions and the horizon.

Test your knowledge - After you watch the Aircraft Safety and Icing Research videoconference, complete our post-conference activity on Forces and Moments.

Virtual Tour of the Icing Research Tunnel
presented by Dr. Judy Foss Van Zante, Arlette Haeberle, Kurt Blankenship

The NASA Glenn Icing Research Tunnel (IRT) is the oldest and largest refrigerated icing wind tunnel in the world. In it, researchers have developed icing technologies that are used on many of today's aircraft. The IRT is able to duplicate the icing conditions that aircraft typically encounter in nature; it has played a role in developing, testing, and certifying methods to prevent ice build-up on aircraft. This presentation will take you on a tour through the tunnel, highlighting the tunnel's unique capabilities.

Test your knowledge - After you watch the Virtual Tour of the Icing Research Tunnel, try your hand at answering the post-conference questions.

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