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The Icing Research Tunnel (IRT) at NASA Glenn Research Center is the oldest and largest refrigerated icing wind tunnel in the world, and it is Glenn's oldest and busiest facility. Built at the end of World War II, the IRT was instrumental in developing and testing ice protection systems for piston- and propeller-driven aircraft. The world's aircraft fly safely through icing clouds because of technology developed in this tunnel.

The IRT has been updated with a larger fan motor, improved fan blades, computerized tunnel controls, and electronic data acquisition, storage, and processing. Two important elements of the installation are the unique heat exchanger and the spray system that simulates a natural icing cloud of tiny droplets. Images of the heat exchanger and the spray bars are found by following the Images link on the left.

For details on the history of the IRT, visit the Icing Branch's IRT website.

Links to a Web booklet or QuickTime movies on the history of the Icing Research Tunnel are available from a website called Icing Research Tunnel Gallery.

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