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Classroom Activities

Many classroom activities have been developed which relate to the science and math of rocketry.

The activities listed on the left are taken from the Rockets Educators Guide (EG-2003-01-108-HQ). All of the activites from this publication are available here with the following exceptions. The Water Bottle Rocket activities are extended into an entire section of the Beginner's Guide to Rockets. The 3-2-1 Pop! antacid rocket activitity is now available from NASA Space Place . The Rocket Transportation and X-35 Project have not been included.

Additional Activities

  • Aerospace Activies prepared by teachers during summer workshops at NASA Lewis/Glenn Research Center.


  • Construct models of historical rockets. Refer to the reference list for picture books on rockets to use as information on the appearance of various rockets. Use scrap materials for the models such as:


    • Mailing tubes
    • Tubes from paper rolls
    • Spools
    • Coffee creamer packages (small plastic containers that look like rocket engine nozzles)
    • Cardboard
    • Egg-shaped hosiery packages (for nose cones)
    • Styrofoam cones, spheres, and cylinders
    • Glue
    • Tape


  • Use rockets as a theme for artwork. Teach perspective and vanishing point by choosing unusual angles, such as a birds-eye view for picturing rocket launches.


  • Research the reasons why so many different rockets have been used for space exploration.


  • Design the next generation of spaceships.

  • Compare rockets in science fiction with actual rockets.

  • Follow up the rocket activities in this guide with construction and launch of commercial model rockets. Rocket kits and engines can be purchased directly from the manufacturer. Obtain additional information about model rocketry by contacting the National Association of Rocketry P.O. Box 177 Altoona,
    WI. 54720.

    Here are some additional Rocketry related web sites:



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