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Space Science Team

Mr. Lee PARSONS Hengrove School, Bristol
Mr. Adriano SILVA Sir George Monoux Sixth Form College, Walthamstow
Ms. Rania KASHI Cardinal Vaughan School, London
Mr. Akiro NAKAMURA Kaisei Gakuen
Mr. Toshiyuki ITAI Tsukuba Daigaku fuzoku Kotogakko
Mr. Ryo NAKAMURA Rikkyo Niiza High School

Team Specialists:
Dr. Carsten Riedel and Mr. Stuart Stansfield, with Professor Steve Sparks FRS, University of Bristol, Earth Sciences

Mr. Lawrence Williams, Holy Cross School, New Malden

By video link, Mr. Joseph Kolecki, Ms. Ruth Petersen, and colleagues, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Glenn Learning Technologies Project, Cleveland, Ohio, US

Team Facilitator: Ms. Kako Iwaki

Tasks Breakdown:
Mr. Adriano SILVA
-How volcanoes form on Earth e.g. plate tectonics
-How to calculate slope angles, diameters and height from satellite photos
-Identify features from satellite pictures which might suggest volcanic processes in the past e.g. lava flows
-Olympus Mons - theory of meteor impact

-How volcanoes form
-Chemical relationships, and the viscosity of silicon
-How to read satellite pictures of lava flows and caldera
-Formation of caldera
-Meteor impacts on Mars

Mr. Toshiyuki ITAI
-Plate tectonics on Earth
-Volcanic eruptions on Earth and Mars
-Meteor impact on Mars
-Volcanic slopes on Earth (Hawaii) and Mars (Olympus)
-Comparison between Mount Fuji and Hawaii

-Impact size of craters
-Shock waves through Mars
-Age of Olympus
-Comparing volcanoes on Earth and Mars

-How Olympus Mons was formed
-The theory of how Mariner’s Valley was formed
-The theory of how plate tectonics formed on Mars in the past

Ms. Rania KASHI
-Meteor theory for volcano formation on Mars
-Investigative methods used in science
-Mathematical evidence to prove/disprove theory
-Working effectively as a group
-New communication skills, across language barriers

Joe "The Lone Ranger" Kolecki

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