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"Real World" Connections Through Videoconferences

The Learning Technologies Project (LTP) is a partner in NASA's educational technology program unit, an electronic community center that fosters interaction, collaboration, and sharing among educators, learners, and scientists. The John H. Glenn Research Center's LTP distance learning program, called NASA Virtual Visits, uses videoconferencing, the Internet, and interactions with experts to motivate science students by providing real-world experiences. Students gather resources from the Web, communicate with team members and experts through e-mail, and are introduced to the thought processes of experts in the research community through videoconferencing connections. Students admit that knowing that experts might see their work is a great motivator!

Glenn LTP is supported in this effort by the staff of the Integrated Design and Analysis Center (IDAC), a facility developed by the Systems and Analysis Branch to support collaborative engineering between NASA, industry, and academia. A special thanks is extended to the External Programs Directorate for providing a Mars backdrop for the Japan 2001 event.

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