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Educational Technology Creation

This sections covers web development including HTML coding (formatting, graphics, links, etc.), software programs, 508 compliance and other web related topics.

More web related sites:

Welcome to the Web
Welcome to the Web is a great place to learn the basics of using the Internet and the World Wide Web. It is tailored to children, but if inexperienced adults can get past the cartoon drawings, anyone can benefit from the site. The first section provides an overview of the Internet and some terminology. Next is a section on guestbooks, followed by an overview of Web browsers. "Searching the Net" and research techniques comprise the last two sections. Each category consists of several interactive Web pages that lead the user through each step. Once the user has completed the sections, he/she can try the challenge that tests all of the previous

This section covers issues involved in distance learning via IP or ISDN lines.

Inquiry Based Learning
NASA Mars PathFinder Scientist, has written this document to help in the understanding of Inquiry Based learning.

Atrevida: Game Programming Tutorials
Although it is labeled as an introduction to PC game programming, the tutorials given on Atrevida additionally cover many aspects of mathematics and general computer science. A modest background in the C language is suggested, but many of the sections involve more theory than actual programming. There are nearly twenty topics that explain basic computer operation, graphics programming, and the 80x86 assembler. A very interesting section describes sound waves and compression techniques, while another provides an overview of binary arithmetic and the octal and hexadecimal number systems. Many more items are listed on the main page, but are without links. This could indicate a substantial addition to the site being prepared by the author.

NASAexplores provides express lessons and online resources to the K-12 community via the Internet. NASA's Aerospace Technology and Human Exploration and Development of Space (HEDS) enterprises sponsor NASAexplores.

NASAexplores strives to provide easy access to information on current NASA projects to generate awareness of and to build students' interest in space, science, mathematics, geography, and technology. All students should receive a quality education, but providing quality materials can be costly. These materials need to be accessible. Now, educators with Internet access can download FREE standards-based NASAexplores curriculum support materials. Materials are adapted to three reading levels and cover numerous subjects.

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This sections let you know how others are using our site to develop or enhance their activities in the classroom or via camps.

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