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NASA's Learning Technologies Project (LTP) is part of a government-wide initiative called the High Performance Computing and Communications Program (HPCCP). The Program's goal is to maintain the United States' competitiveness and leadership in the global computer technologies market. One way the Program strives to meet this goal is to ensure the continued availability of a highly technically trained workforce. The summer workshops are conducted in order to foster increased proficiency and use of computer technology within K-12 schools.

As a part of our summer workshops, participants are required to create activities that can be used in a K-12 classroom. Participants are required to create Web pages using computer applications that the participants learn in the workshops and to give a presentation at the end of the workshops about their activities.

The objectives of the summer workshops are:

  1. To provide computer training to teachers and to help them integrate computer technology into the classroom.
  2. To apply the skills learned through the computer training to create classroom materials.

The teacher-created Web pages are grouped by the year in which they were created (1999, 1998). Teachers may submit revisions and additions to their activities after the workshops have concluded.

1999 Projects


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