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TSL | THIN SHEAR LAYER - Thin shear layer option

Structured Grids

{TSL | THIN} [SHEAR] [LAYER] word1 word2 word3 [zone_selector]
[Note - This keyword is considered obsolete, and may be removed in the future. The same capability is available using the RHS VISCOUS keyword.]

For structured grids, this keyword turns off the viscous terms in specified coordinate directions. The parameters word1, word2, and word3 are keywords controlling the viscous terms in the ξ-, η-, and ζ-directions, respectively. They may have the following values:

    Keyword   Meaning
VISCOUS Retain all viscous terms in this direction
INVISCIDNeglect all viscous terms in this direction

By default, when INVISCID is set for a direction, the scalar implicit operator will be used in that direction (the full block implicit operator is used in viscous directions). This may be overridden using the IMPLICIT keyword.

Last updated 31 Oct 2011