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REINITIALIZE - Reinitialize selected flowfield zones on restart


This keyword may be used to reinitialize the flow conditions after a restart. The reinitialization will be done as if Wind-US were being run from scratch, i.e., to freestream values, or to values specified using the ARBITRARY INFLOW and/or (for structured zones) BL_INIT keywords, as described in the section Flowfield Initialization.

Specification of the zone_selector is required for this keyword.

For both structured and unstructured zones, the IJK_RANGE option on the REINITIALIZE keyword may be used in conjunction with the ARBITRARY INFLOW keyword to reinitialize only selected portions of the flow. Conditions will be reinitialized only within regions specified by the IJK_RANGE, XYZ_RANGE, and/or RTZ_RANGE keywords in the ARBITRARY INFLOW keyword block. If the IJK_RANGE parameter is not specified with the REINITIALIZE keyword, the conditions at all the grid points in the specified zones will be reinitialized.

Multiple REINITIALIZE keywords are permitted, each on a separate line in the input data file.

When the REINITIALIZE keyword is not used, a restart run will abort if the grid size for a zone in the grid (.cgd) file is different from its size in the flow (.cfl) file (unless ITERATIONS PER CYCLE is set to −2 for the zone in question, indicating that it plays no part in the calculation). However, when the REINITIALIZE keyword is used,


The following example will reinitialize flow conditions in zones 1 and 3. If the grid sizes for those zones aren't the same in the existing .cgd and .cfl files, the grid size in the .cfl file will be reset to match the size in the .cgd file. In addition, if the grid size for any other zone is different in the .cgd and .cfl files, that zone will also be reinitialized, and the grid size in the .cfl file will be reset to match the size in the .cgd file.



Last updated 1 Apr 2016