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Wind-US Developer's Reference

The "Wind-US Developer's Reference" includes details about Wind-US useful to those doing development work. It includes descriptions of the code structure, memory management procedures, parallel processing details, and the equation sets being solved. Definitions are given for the Fortran parameters and many of the common block variables. Basic information is provided for each subroutine, including the subprogram name and argument list; the name of the file the subprogram is in; a list of the subprograms that it calls, and that call it; and a list of the common blocks that it includes. A few subroutines are described in more detail, with information about the input, output, and key local variables, and a description of what's done in the routine.

The Wind-US Developer's Reference is subject to the same export control restrictions as the source code, and is therefore not available online. Requests for access to the Developer's Reference may be made via email to the NPARC Support Team at Please describe your development objectives or other reasons for needing access to this documentation. Requests will be considered on an individual basis.

The content of the Wind-US Developer's Reference is split into four volumes, as described below.

    General   Code Structure   Parameters/Variables   Program Units
Introduction High-Level Structure Parameters Modules
Development Environment Solution Phases Common Blocks Statement Functions
Scripts Calling Trees Module Variables Subprograms
Memory Management Common File Headers
Parallel Implementation
Equation Sets and Groups
Keyword Processing
Physical Models
Boundary Conditions
Numerical Models

It should be noted that the Wind-US Developer's Reference is a work in progress, and Wind-US is a continually moving target. A general update to the document is made after each major code release. Since it is intended for use by developers, however, when additions are made they generally reflect the current alpha version of the code. Some material may therefore not apply to the current production (i.e., released) version of Wind-US, and some material may be out of date with respect to the alpha version of Wind-US.

A set of "Preferred Developer Options" has also been developed. These are new features in the code that have been found useful for a variety of cases, and developers are encouraged to help test these options by using them routinely when running the code. These options may become recommended or default settings in future production releases.

Last updated 1 Aug 2016