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Tutorial on CFD Verification and Validation

This page provides links to several pages of the NPARC Alliance Verification and Validation Web Site that collectively form a tutorial on CFD Verification and Validation that may be of use to the general CFD community. Much of the material follows AIAA G-077-1998, "Guide for the Verification and Validation of Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations", which is referred to here as the AIAA Guidelines. Information from other sources is also used as appropriate.

Please note that the material is still under development. Please feel free to contact me (John Slater) at the email address below if you have comments regarding this tutorial. The pages include:

Tutorial on CFD Verification and Validation

  1. Overview
  2. CFD Analysis Process
  3. Uncertainty and Error in CFD Simulations
  4. Verification Assessment
  5. Validation Assessment
  6. Examining Iterative Convergence
  7. Examining Solution Consistency
  8. Examining Spatial (Grid) Convergence
  9. Examining Temporal Convergence
  10. Glossary
  11. Bibliography
  12. Links to Web Sites

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