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Proficiency Tests

9th Grade Math Practice Questions - Flash application that will open in a new window. Below is a html version of the test.

HTML Version - 9th Grade Math Practice Questions

These practice questions are designed for students who want to test their skills at the end of the ninth grade level. The test is not an example of what should be taught in 9th grade. It is a compilation of the minimum requirements that students should know by the time they reach the end of 9th grade. The purpose of these practice tests is to help build your proficiency in the area of mathematics. The difference between these tests and others is that each answer has an explanation as to why it is incorrect (This happens right after you answer a question in the text version and after you answered all of the questions in the flash version). Each incorrect answer will then ask another question to see if you have understood the concepts of the question. The test was based on requirements for the State of Ohio 9th Grade Proficiency test.

News of Special Interest - (6/17/2002) The American Book Company has recently used a section of "The Beginner's Guide to Model Rockets" as an example of an educational web site in the research chapter of their secondary schools' workbook. The page they are using is a portion of the "Brief History of Rockets." The American Book Company specializes in test preparation books and software for high school graduation tests and exit exams.

NOTICE --- Begining in May, 2001, the site is being modified to support Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. Many of the pages contain mathematical equations which have been produced graphically and which are too long or complex to provide in an "ALT" tag. For these pages, we have retained the (non-compliant) graphical page and have provided a separate (compliant) text only page which contains all of the information of the original page. The two pages are connected through hyperlinks.

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