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Ruth Petersen PhotoRuth Petersen, M.A.Ed.

NASA Glenn Research Center
Cleveland, Ohio
Digital Learning Network (DLN)

Welcome to my home page! I am an educational coordinator with the NASA Digital Learning Network ( here at NASA Glenn Research Center. I hold a Masters degree in Education and have been involved in education in some way--instructor, classroom teacher, educational coordinator, cooperative education coordinator--for 29 years. My employer is NCI, Inc. My special interests are communications technology (especially Web-based and videoconferencing technologies) and technical writing. My tasks include:
  • serving as DLN team lead for content development
  • editing Web pages
  • working with NASA scientists/researchers to develop and present videoconferencing sessions to students and teachers
  • supporting NASA Explorer Schools
  • making presentations at conferences
  • writing articles to promote our educational products and to report on our research into the use of technology in the educational setting
  • conducting field tests of our educational products.

My newest project, which has received international recognition, is called Science Through ARts (STAR). Click here for information on STAR.

Digital Learning Network
Org Code: XN
Phone: (216) 433-9714
Fax: (216) 433-8000

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