Flying Farther and Faster


  1. Use the Internet to find the travel time and cost for a round trip ticket from Los Angeles to Tokyo using today's commercial airline.

    Flight time from LA to Tokyo is Answers will vary.

    Cost by  Answers will vary. airline for this trip is $  Answers will vary.


  2. The Concorde currently flies to Europe but not to Asia. The Concorde flies at 1340 nautical miles per hour. Using the miles to Tokyo, how many hours would the Concorde require to fly to Tokyo?

    Flight time for Concorde from LA to Tokyo is Answers will vary.


  3. Use the Internet to find the cost for a flight on the Concorde that is similar in hours to the trip from LA to Tokyo.

    Cost for the Concorde trip is $Answers will vary.


  4. Using a spreadsheet, construct a chart that will show the comparative costs for the two trips you have just researched. Include in your sheet a cost for NASA's projected High-Speed Civil Transport (HSCT). Calculate the cost for the HSCT at 15% above the cost for commercial air flight. Print your spreadsheet and chart.

    Answers will vary.


  5. Word process the answer to this question: If you were a business traveler interested in flying from Los Angeles to Tokyo, what would be the advantages of flying on NASA's High Speed Civil Transport over other flight options?


  Answers will vary.


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