Flying Farther and Faster

A Computer Activity Based on NASA Glenn Research Center's High Speed Civil Transport (HSCT)

Subject Area: Computer Applications

Grade Level: 9 - 12

National Technology Standards:


Early in the next century, American-made supersonic airliners could be carrying millions of passengers per year to points across the globe at more than twice the speed of sound. To turn that dream into a reality, NASA is working on the technology needed to make a new high-speed civil transport.


NASA's Proposed High-Speed Civil Transport


Currently supersonic transportation is available to and from Europe by the Concorde. This high-speed airliner is expensive and few travelers use it. Business analysts believe that business and travel needs in the future will require high-speed transportation to the growing economic markets in Asia. Unfortunately, travel to Asia currently requires many exhausting hours of travel. However, a high-speed trip from Los Angeles to Tokyo, for example, would take just over 4 hours. NASA and its business partners are planning to provide this transportation at a cost that is 10% - 20% higher than the cost of traditional commercial air flight.

Use your computer skills to complete the Activity on Flying Farther and Faster. In it you will study a trip to Asia on a high speed transport and calculate and compare ticket costs for a flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo.


Assessment: You will be evaluated on the feasibility of your answers.


You will be able to use the World Wide Web to access additional information needed to complete the activity. You will be able to present your information in a graphic form, using a spreadsheet and graphics editing tools.

Submitted by: Paula M. Brinkmann, Lutheran High School West, Rocky River, Ohio

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