Wings to Come


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Tasks To Complete in this Lesson


Task 1: Read


Task 2: Learn


Task 3: Search


Task 4: List


Task 5: Download


Task 6: Build


Task 7: Compose


Current Forms of Air Transportation 

Traditional Commercial Aircraft

Supersonic Transport - the Concorde

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 NASA's Proposed High-Speed Civil Transport (HSCT)

The demands of a growing international economy make a new supersonic airliner very attractive. American industry must be competitive in tomorrow's high-speed transportation marketplace. NASA hopes that its proposed high speed aircraft will meet tomorrow's needs.

Read about the HSCT.


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Learning About Commercial Air Transportation


Using a search engine, locate three additional Web pages: one about traditional airlines, another about the Concorde, and a third about the NASA proposed high speed transport. Use evaluation criteria to select quality articles. Save quality pages to disk along with the URL for each.


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Advantages of NASA's HSCT and Problems to Solve

Go to the Home Page for NASA's High-Speed Research Program. Explore the site and its many links. Keep notes using the notepad on your computer. Try to find at least three major advantages to this new form of transportation and at least three major problems to be solved by scientists who are attempting to develop the HST.


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Download a Picture of the Proposed HSCT 


Using a search engine, locate a picture of NASA's proposed HSCT. Download the picture, edit and resize it in a photo editor, and save it as a PICT file.

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 Build a Model of the HSCT


Go to the NASA Glenn High Speed Systems home page and locate the model of the HSCT. Download the model and open it in Acrobat Reader. Print the model on colored card stock. Cut it out, assemble it, and decorate it.

HSCT Model:


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Write Your Report 

Write your final report about NASA's proposed High-Speed Civil Transport. Begin your report with a description of current airline transportation, including information about the Concorde. In your report identify the advantages we will experience when the HSCT begins to fly. Also include an explanation of at least three major problems scientists have to solve before the HSCT will be possible. Include your picture of NASA's proposed HSCT in your report and list as references all of the URL's you have accessed for information.

Be sure to word process your report using a correct unbound report style.

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