Wings To Come

NASA Glenn Research Center
Mission : High-Speed Civil Transport (HSCT)

Subject Area: Computer Applications

Grade Level: 9-12

National Technology Standards:



Early in the 21st century, American-made supersonic airliners could be carrying millions of passengers per year to points across the globe at more than twice the speed of sound. To turn that dream into a reality, NASA is working on the technology needed to make a new high-speed civil transport cost effective, reliable, and environmentally compatible. Scientists hard at work on this project have identified many advantages to this new form of transportation and feel it will be a viable option for travelers in the 21st century. Before these new and exciting aircraft are flying commercially, however, many problems must be solved by the thousands of scientists across the country working to make this project a reality.

Through the activities on this Web page, you will demonstrate your ability to use the World Wide Web and a word processor to produce a report that will identify both the problems and advantages of this proposed new form of air flight.


You will be evaluated by the completeness of your report and the quality of your computer work.


Fifty percent of the points for this assignment will be based on completing Tasks 1 - 6, using the computer skills you have learned in this class. The remaining fifty percent of the points will be assigned to the completed paper (Task 7).

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