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Mars image piece


(RM movie require the Real Player - Download Free Real Player)
Please email for accessible version of videos

Conference Videos
DAY 1 [Science Talk]
Earth Volcanoes - Discussion of Earth Volcanoes (7.56 MB RM)
Earth Volcanoes 2 - Discussion of Earth Volcanoes continues (10.5 MB RM)
Mars Impact Theory - Discussion of Impact Theory creating Mars' Volcanoes (29.9 MB RM)
Mars Impact Theory 2 - Discussion of Impact Theory creating Mars' Volcanoes continues (13.7 MB RM)
Earth Plates - Discussion on Earth Plate Tectonics (6.51 MB RM)

DAY 2 [Questions and Answers]
Q&A1 (12.5 MB RM)
Q&A2 (6.87 MB RM)
Q&A3 (9.46 MB RM)
Q&A4 (17.6 MB RM)
Q&A5 (27 MB RM)

DAY 3 [Student Presentations]
Rania's report (59.4 MB RM)
Adriano's report
(14 MB RM)
Lee's Report (52.7 MB RM)
Joe's discussion about reports (50.7 MB RM)

Internet Resources at work - Toshiyuki and Lee working together (1.1 MB RM file)

DAY 4 [Summary of what was learned]
Toshiyuki (16.2 MB RM file)
Akiro (33.4 MB RM file)
Rania (59.9 MB RM file)
Adrian (44.2 MB RM file)
Lee (33.9 MB RM file)

Joe discusses the day (11.2 MB RM file)

Final Goodbye (1.14 MB RM file)

Videos from Bristol University
Impact presentation by Rania at Bristol University (2.31 MB RM)
Summary of learning outcomes by Ryo, in Japanese (1.98 MB RM)

Mars Videos
Mars Crater 1 (2.43 MB RM)
Mars Crater 2 (3d rendering) (759 KB MPG)
Mars Crater 3 (3d rendering)
(370 KB MPG)




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