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gpro may be used to perform various operations on data in common grid (.cgd) files. The following menu is presented upon starting gpro:

         ************************* Main Menu ***************************
           I/O OPERATIONS                    BLOCK OPERATIONS
             A - Read Input File               G - Combine Blocks
             B - Read Journal File             H - Reorder Blocks
             C - Write Output File             I - Delete Blocks
                                               J - Extract part of Block
           BLOCK TRANSFORMATIONS               K - Exchange Block Indices
             D - Translate,Rotate,Scale        L - Block Statistics
             E - Exchange Coord Directions     M - Block Titles
             F - Generate Exploded View      BLOCK GENERATION
                                               N - Gen Block by Symmetry
                                               O - Gen Interior Grid
             T - RECONFIGURE GPRO              P - Gen Block Boundaries
             S - STOP GPRO                     Q - Redistribute Points
          ** ? - GPRO HELP SYSTEM ***************************************
   Option [Default=A]:

Depending on the item selected, additional menus and prompts for information are presented, and the selected action is performed.


When rotating a grid with gpro, the boundary condition data is not written to the output grid file. This limitation was originally intended to force the user to re-apply coupling to the new grid, but it is unclear why other boundary types are not maintained. GMAN is the recommended tool to use for grid transformations such as rotation.

Last updated 6 Jan 2015