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The NPARC Alliance flow simulation system is distributed to users as a collection of compressed tar files containing the source code to Wind-US and several pre- and post-processing tools. These build distributions enable users to compile optimized executables for their particular computational platform(s).

Wind-US Build Distribution

The Wind-US build distribution contains all the files needed to build, install, and run Wind-US on a variety of platforms. This includes:

This distribution includes the PVM source code but not MPI, since there are several popular versions of MPI. If Wind-US is to be run on a multi-processor system using MPI, you will need to configure the makefiles to compile and link with your locally-installed MPI libraries.

Tools Build Distribution

The tools build distribution contains all the files needed to build, install, and run one or more of the tools on a variety of platforms. These tools can briefly be summarized as:

The tools build distribution includes:

Process Build Distributions

The process build distributions contain the files needed to build other (typically third-party) software that supports the Wind-US simulation process. This includes:

These distributions come with their own installation instructions and may require you to first compile the shared libraries that are part of the Wind-US build distribution.

Note that the availability of this software does not constitute an official endorsement by the NPARC Alliance or its members. Other vendors and developers that would like to include Wind-US compatibility in their products are encouraged to contact the NPARC Alliance User Support Team via email to, or by phone at (931) 454-7885.

Last updated 1 Nov 2016