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Wind-US 3.0 --> Wind-US 4.0 Changes

These notes describe changes up to and including version 4.108.

Many of the changes from Wind-US 3.0 to 4.0 were enhancements to the thermal models, multi-species models, and turbulence models.

The changes in Wind-US, and in the associated tools and utilities, are described in more detail in the following sections. Changes between previous releases are also available, as follows:

Wind-US Code

The following changes have been made to Wind-US. A number in parentheses following the description (e.g., is the specific IVMS version in which the change was introduced.

Physical Modeling

Turbulence Modeling


Boundary Conditions

Parallel Processing




The following keywords have been added, modified, or deleted. For more information, see the more detailed list of changes below, or the Keyword Reference section in the Wind-US User's Guide

TEST Options

The following TEST options have been added, modified, or deleted. See the Test Options section for more detailed descriptions.

DEBUG Options

The following DEBUG options have been added, modified, or deleted. See the description of the DEBUG keyword for more detailed descriptions.

Bug Fixes

Non-Backward Compatibility

A few changes are not backward-compatible. I.e., some input data (.dat) files and multi-processing control (.mpc) files used with Wind-US 3.0 may need to be changed for use with Wind-US 4.0. The known non-backward-compatible changes are listed briefly below.

Code Structure




The following changes have been made to CFPOST. The features below are available in version 4.23.






Known Bugs

Below is the list of known bugs, the organization that reported the bug, and the current status of the bug.

Feature Requests

Last updated 27 May 2016