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WALL TEMPERATURE - Specify wall temperature


This keyword allows you to specify a wall temperature on a zonal basis.

    ADIABATIC   Use an adiabatic wall boundary condition for temperature. This is the default if the WALL TEMPERATURE keyword isn't used.

value Use a constant wall temperature equal to value °R. Zero-gradient extrapolation is used to get the chemical species at the wall for finite-rate chemistry.

FIXED   Hold the temperature on a viscous wall at the current value. However, due to limitations in the implementation, the value might drift a little. TEST 33 also holds the wall temperature constant, albeit using the conjugate heat transfer model.

EQUILIBRIUM [EMISSIVITY] emiss Set the wall temperature based on thermal equilibrium (i.e., conduction to and radiation from the wall are equal), with the wall emissivity given by emiss. Values for emiss should be between 0.0 and 1.0.

The older TTSPEC keyword is another means of specifying wall temperature. However, this method has the limitation that the TTSPEC data does not get split when decomposing the domain.

See Also: TTSPEC, TEST 33

Last updated 30 Sep 2016