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Mach 5 Shock Wave Boundary Layer Interaction

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Figure 1: Flowfield


This case was performed to validate the unstructured algorithm of Wind-US code. The validation focuses on a Mach 5 Shock Wave Boundary-Layer Interaction (SWBLI) designed after the work performed by Schulein et al. of the German Aerospace Center (DLR). The case uses a 10 degree wedge angle on 300 mm long shock generator plate to create an oblique shock impinging on an opposite 500 mm long flat plate.

Skin friction profiles from the present study were compared with experimental data to validate the unstructured algorithm.

Computational Studies

Table 1. Computational studies peformed for the Mach 5 shock wave boundary-layer case.
Study Category Person Comments
Study #1 Unit Manan Vyas Wind-US version 3.150
Study #2 Unit David Friedlander Wind-US version 4.108


Schulein, E., Krogmann, P., and Stanewsky, E., "Documentation of Two-Dimensional Impinging Shock/Turbulent Boundary Layer Interaction Flow", DLR Report DLR IB 223-96 A 49, October 1996.

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