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What is UEET?

Ultra-Efficient Engine Technology Program

The Ultra-Efficient Engine Technology Program (UEET) was a NASA program which worked to develop and hand off revolutionary turbine engine propulsion technologies to enable future generations of vehicles to operate over a wide range of flight speeds. The Ultra-Efficient Engine Technology Program was known by its abbreviation UEET. UEET worked together with American companies to enable a new generation of cleaner, high-performance aircraft.

By working together with US companies, NASA still performs research aimed at more efficient, safe and environmentally friendly propulsion systems for future aircraft and space vehicles. We are working to reduce fuel burned by 15%. That will reduce the amount of CO2 that is released into the atmosphere. We are working to design engines that will have NOx levels reduced by 70%.

The partner companies work with NASA engineers and scientists to plan and develop many new engine concepts. They work to develop new materials for engines, new methods of using fuel in the combustors, and use computer simulation to determine the engines strengths.


Graphical Description of the Projects for the UEET Project

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