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Puzzle pieces that form a jet engine and contain and image map to link to the other pages.

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The UEET Kid's Pages were developed during the Centennial of Flight Celebration (2002-2003) to introduce elementary grade students to aerospace engineering. During NASA's Summer of Innovation (2010) the web site was brought into the larger Beginner's Guide to Aeronautics (BGA) that is maintained by the NASA Glenn Educational Programs Office. The BGA's intended audience is the older, middle school, high school, or college student. We are establishing links between the two sites. So if you find the material here too simple, or would like to learn more, just click on a yellow banner to move to a page in the BGA concerning the same subjet. There are also links back to the Kid's Pages in the BGA. Those links are located near a "Kid's Page" icon.
Play the new Wright Brothers 2003 Game and increase your knowledge of the Wright Brothers and the events leading up to that eventful day.

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