A Slide--the Giant Plane

An inclined plane makes it easier to move things.
One class period
Playground slide
5 large books
1 long jump rope
Plastic grocery sack
What is the best way to get 5 heavy books to the top of the slide?
Put the books in the grocery sack and tie the rope to the handles.
Have the students climb to the top of the slide and then pull the books straight up by the rope.
Now have the books placed at the bottom of the slide.
Have the students pull the books to the top of the slide.
Have them consider the force that they are using each time.
Record Results:
Have students write/draw a comparison about the two ways that the books got to the top of the slide.
Students will conclude that the inclined plane was easier .
What you gain in effort, you pay in distance.
How could they adapt the experiment.
Discuss ways that the inclined plane is commonly used.
Have students draw a picture of someone using an inclined plane. Write sentences to explain.
Show students pictures and have them find inclined planes

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