Inclined Plane

Inclined planes make it easier to move things.
1 class time
5-6 books
small bag filled with about 1 cup of rice or dried beans closed with a twist tie
rubber band
Which will be easier--moving the bag using the inclined plane or moving it by lifting straight up.
Stack the books. Lean one of the books against the the stack to make an inclined plane.
Cut rubber band and tie it to the neck of the sack.
Holding one end of the rubber band , lift the bag straight up to the top of the books.
Measure the length of the stretched rubber strip.
Put the bag at the bottom of the inclined book.
Hold the end of the rubber strip, slowly pull the bag up the plane
Measure the length of the stretched rubber strip when the bag is almost at the top.
Record Results:
Write the length of the rubber strip.
Make a class chart to compare information.
The farther the rubber strip stretched the more force was being used.
Attach a spring scale to the free end of the rubber strip to find the amount of effort.

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