NASA Glenn Videoconference: Rocket Science
Subject Areas: Science
Grade Level: 5-12
National Science Standards:
Physical Science - Position and motion of objects.
Science and Technology - Abilities of technological design.
Science and Technology - Understanding about science and technology.


After engaging in this set of activities, students will demonstrate an understanding of how rockets work and the problems associated with using rockets to explore outer space.

The videoconferencing workshops offered by the NASA Glenn Research Center's Digital Learning Network introduce students to a variety of concepts/innovations involving space exploration, science, and aeronautics research. The pre- and post-conference activities are intended to supplement the "Rocket Science" videoconference presented by NASA Glenn scientist, Tom Benson. In the pre-conference activity, students will construct a paper rocket and conduct various experiments to improve its performance. Working in teams, students will complete a post-conference activity in which they construct a rocket using a 2-liter bottle.
Assessment: Pre- and post-conference assessment tools are available.

Students will be evaluated on their ability to complete research and explain findings. Students will also be evaluated on the accuracy or feasibility of their answers in the post-assessment activity. 

Submitted by: Chris Marks and Brian Mears, University of Akron, Akron, Ohio.

Videoconference Description
Pre-conference assessment and answers.
Pre-conference activity and worksheet.
Post-conference activity and worksheet.
Post-conference assessment and answers.

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