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Welcome to Aeronauts 2000
Aeronauts 2000 Illustration of children around the world

Welcome to the AERONAUTS 2000 project. We appreciate you taking the time to look over this site and what we have to offer. Aeronauts is an interactive learning project that has been designed to function over the web.

While following the adventures of two curious teens, BJ and Pete, students will have a chance to work on, improve, and enhance their math and science skills through practical application. At the same time, they will also learn about FLYING A PLANE, TELESCOPES, SPACE and WEATHER.TELESCOPES, SPACE and WEATHER.

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Also, due to the amount of information to be conveyed, you must set your monitor's resolution to AT LEAST 800x600 (PC) or 832x624 (Mac).

We hope you enjoy your time on the Aeronauts web site!


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