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File Types

GMAN supports several formats for the grid file, described in the following list.

    Common File   Common files use a flexible binary direct access file architecture. This allows grid data for multizone structured grids and their associated boundary condition data to be stored in the same file. It also supports overlapping grids and unstructured grids. Common Grid files, which use the .cgd extension, along with Common Flow files (extension .cfl), are used directly by the Wind-US Navier-Stokes flow solver, and by the common file post-processing utility CFPOST. Many other tools are also built around the common file format. See the Common File User's Guide for details about the structure of common files.

MDA/ZDA Mesh Direct Access (MDA) files are binary files associated with earlier versions of NASTD, containing the coordinate information for each zone of the grid. These files were typically generated using the McDonnell Douglas zonal batch grid generator ZGRID. A Zone coupling Direct Access (ZDA) file is associated with the MDA file to provide boundary condition and zone interface coupling data.

ZDF A Zone Definition File (ZDF) is a common file that contains only the boundary grid information for each zone. This makes for a smaller file for transporting between machines and also makes access quicker.

A Zone Definition File (ZDF) is a formatted ascii file from the McDonnell Douglas surface grid generator ZONI3G.

PDA Plot Direct Access (PDA) files are binary files containing the computational grid and some commonly plotted flow variables.

FANSI FDA A FANSI Direct Access (FANSI FDA) file is a binary direct access file containing the grid and conservation variables for a case run with the FANSI two-dimensional Navier-Stokes code.


Last updated 16 Mar 1999