NPARC Alliance Organization

This chart identifies the lead people in the NPARC Alliance. The Executive Direction Committee consists of Jere Matty from AEDC and Waldo Acosta from LeRC. The Technical Liaisons are Capt. Brian Collins (AEDC) and Nick Georgiadis (LeRC). The Technical Direction Committee consists of Bonnie Heikkinen (AEDC) and John Slater (LeRC) as Support Leads, Greg Power (AEDC) and Charlie Towne (LeRC) as Development Leads, and Ken Tatum (AEDC) and Julie Dudek (LeRC) as Validation Leads.

The NPARC Association Steering Committee is led by Gerald Paynter from Boeing-Seattle and Ray Cosner from Boeing-St. Louis.

Last updated 27 Feb 2002