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NPARC Software Release Instructions

Thanks for your interest in the NPARC flow simulation software package. This software, developed and maintained by the U.S. government, is provided free-of-charge, but with limited eligibility and usage rights.


The NPARC software is releasable to all U.S. owned companies, public and private universities, and government agencies. Organizations, other than the U.S. government, must obtain an export control number from the Defense Logistics Services Center (DLSC). See the information below under "Export-control info" for instructions on checking or obtaining a DLSC number for your organization.

Allowable Uses

The NPARC software may be used for any purpose in the national interest. This includes enhancing either the economic or military competitiveness of the United States. It may not be used in a contract with a foreign government. Other restrictions are detailed in the Memorandum of Agreement -- AEDC Software Release Form.

The Software Release Form

The Memorandum of Agreement -- AEDC Software Release Form is the legal mechanism for obtaining release of the NPARC Software from its custodian, the Arnold Engineering Development Center (AEDC).

To obtain a form, contact the NPARC support team at

The information required to complete the form may be typed or hand written in ink. Pay particular attention to the following portions of the form:

Paragraph 1.

Software Package:
Specify "NPARC Flow Simulation Software" to obtain GMAN, WIND, CFPOST and associated tools.

Distribution Format and Media:
Indicate software distribution media preferences. Electronic transfer over the Internet via "ftp" is preferred due to its low cost and speed. Due to the high cost of tapes, the appropriate tape cartridge should be supplied with requests requiring this distribution media type.

Usage Description:
Please give a general description of how your organization intends to utilize the NPARC software system in the immediate future.

End-of-Form Blocks

In all cases, the "requester" should be the manager of the entity encompassing the sub-entities which will be using the NPARC software. The "requester" is responsible for enforcing the export controls on the NPARC software package.

Technical Contact:
The "technical contact" is the person responsible for receiving and maintaining the organization's copy of the NPARC software package; and is the point of contact for technical and logistical issues concerning NPARC.

AEDC OPR: Export-Control Info:
All non-government organizations must have an Export Control Number. Please enter this number in the block provided. All other blocks are for AEDC use only. To obtain an Export Control Number, your organization must be registered with the Defense Logistics Services Center (DLSC) Joint Certification Program . You may search this site to verify that your organization is registered. If your organization is not registered, call the toll free number on this page. DO NOT SEND DSLC FORMS TO AEDC .


The completed AEDC Software Release form should be emailed to: or

One should expect to receive the software about two weeks after delivery of the AEDC Software Release Form.

If you have any questions or comments concerning the NPARC Alliance or NPARC software, the NPARC support team can be contacted via phone, fax or email:

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